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We've been doing this thing since 2017 - we don’t get paid, we just really enjoy flexing our creative juices. But there’s a backlog of interviews raring to go, (we’re good at the interviewing part) - what we don’t enjoy is editing. It’s an art, it’s subjective to each episode, and it’s a black hole for time. A 45 minute episode, will take anywhere from 8 - 12 hours of recording and editing. We’ve come to the conclusion that we have to pay someone to do it. Unfortunately the ads that are now put in place via our host Acast are paying us pretty much nothing. (And they’re a bit jarring, don’t you think?) 

Here’s our proposition...
We’re going to start a supporter scheme to raise funds to pay an editor.

In return, we promise not one but TWO (2) ad-free episodes per month, coming out on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays (Wheel Sucker Wednesdays!) We’ll also highlight your name as a 3rd Wheel Supporter on this here new website. AND: you'll get a welcome postcard plus stickers! We’ll have the same great content, and we’ve got other ideas brewing up our wizards sleeves, but that’ll depend on how popular this wild idea is. If there’s demand for it, we’ll create moar rewards to be given in exchange (like badges that say “I’m a 3rd Wheel!”, your name mentioned on the pod, LIVE pod events in your town etc), but right now we’re just dipping our toes in the fundraising pool. 

You'll be in good company with these 3rd Wheels:

Claire Tayler! 

Aurelija Venclovaite!

Lap Fung Chan!

Kerena Fussell!

Kirsty Chestnutt!

Alex Ingram!

Kate Thompson!

Sally Bremner!


Alex and I really love what we’re doing, and we want to continue - but we can’t do it without your help. Become a 3rd Wheel and support us today! 


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P.S. if you can’t give us your money, give us your stars! 

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